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The following are just a few of the comments from our many satisfied customers.


"The AutoShare software is great, really easy to use and find my way around."

Sue Harrison

"Many thanks for what I think will turn out to be a very useful and profitable tool. It's not often I see software that's 'worth writing home about'."

Derek Day

"Very pleased with AutoShare."

Colin Campbell

"After trying sharescope and updata, this looks ideal at the price."

"Having just registered, I am impressed with the way I could register it automatically and do an update - neat. Anyway I look forward to using the software - I tried ShareScope and its data mining is so clunky it's unbelievable."

Mike Jackson

"Thank you for your excellent support. It was a surprise and a pleasure to receive such a fast response. AutoShare is an excellent program and, as an amateur, I have found it invaluable for my share picking."

Norman Blount

"I consider AUTOSHARE from offers by far the best value of shares tracking software on the market for a number of reasons: (1) it is inexpensive – around £50 for the full updating software, (2) it can be downloaded in basic form, to give one an idea of that which is available, free of charge: if you like the look of it, you can then pay your £50 or so, (3) it offers the possibility of two portfolios, one of which could be 'speccy' and the other your current investments, (4) it offers, in graph form, not only the share movements, but also long term and short term moving averages; for technically oriented investor, when these two cross can mean, very definitely buy or sell signals, (5) support is first class. I am not financially involved or otherwise involved with Silvawood, but I would strongly recommend Autoshare. I have invested in the Stock Market, on and off, since 1967 – one of the years of the great Australian mining boom."

Robert T.Street

"I purchased your Autoshare software today, and am impressed by the simple and time-tested approach it teaches in the Help notes. I have been on expensive courses teaching dozens of derivatives, MACD, RSI, etc. etc. and threw the thick manuals away long ago. I found your stuff when getting back to basics and looking for a simple and inexpensive program to help me rapidly scan a range of simple charts, and be able to identify MA crosses. Excellent."

John Thomas

Absolute Pitch

"Congratulations on a great product."

Ricardo Faissal

"I recently purchased your program and it's great. I use it in several different ways and it's already helping in a big way."

Nathan McInnis

"I love this software (Absolute Pitch); I think it's great. It is a myth that perfect pitch is a trait one can only be born with."

Christopher Ciampoli

"Absolute Pitch is awesome!! I've been wanting something like this for a while and just happened to stumble across it fiddling online."

Ben Crosby

"This is a great program. I bought the program (Absolute Pitch) for a friend with my credit card as a present about a month or so ago. He really loves the program and uses it all the time for his ear training."

Michael Stevens

"I think it's really very useful for ear-training."

Wolfram Schubert


"I tried Mercurius software this weekend and was very impressed. Ended up buying the full copy today and am delighted with the product. Thank you for producing such a useful tool. My internet searches are now faster and with better content. It is hard to believe that the search engines haven't incorporated something like this."

Gary Cushman, President, ComputerWorks of Amercica, Inc.

"An interesting and useful way to narrow what would otherwise be difficult Internet searches."

Bob and Joy Schwabach, On Computers column