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This web app tests your ability to quickly translate numbers displayed in any of six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. By default, the language of the user interface (the labels and messages you see on the screen) is English, but you can press the button in the top-left hand corner to change this. A test lasts for a specific time, during which each correct answer you give increments your score, whilst each incorrect answer simply wastes valuable seconds.

Click the Options button at the bottom of the screen to open the Options panel. On this you can change the following:

Test Language: the language in which test questions and multiple-choice answers are shown. Note that this differs from the user interface language mentioned above.

Test Type: defines the format of questions and answers. Questions can be in either decimal form (for example, 1465) or word form in the test language (for example, one thousand four hundred and sixty five). Answers can be in either decimal form (where you simply type numbers) or multiple-choice word form (where you either press the answer you think is correct, or type its corresponding letter, such as 'a'). The arithmetic tests ask you to calculate the result of an addition or subtraction shown in words.

Speak word questions: Tick this box if you want questions that are in word form to be spoken to you. Note: This feature currently only works in the most recent Chrome browsers and so this option will be otherwise disabled.

Difficulty level: the length of numbers presented in the test questions.

Test duration (minutes): how long a test lasts. By default, a test is one minute long, but you can increase this to up to 30 minutes.

To start a test, press where it says "Press here to begin test". During the test, the Time Left is displayed as a bar.

The test proceeds as follows:

  1. A question is shown in the Question box. For multiple-choice answers, either press the answer you think is correct, or type on the keyboard its corresponding letter. For decimal answers, enter the digits of the number by pressing the buttons of the displayed number pad. You do not need to press Enter. Correct digits are shown below the number pad until either you make a mistake or the answer is complete.
  2. Your answer is marked. If you are right, a blue tick is displayed by your answer and your Score is incremented. If you are wrong, a red cross appears by your answer, and the correct answer is indicated in green.
  3. Press the question or answer buttons to proceed to the next question.
  4. When the time runs out, the phrase Test Over appears in the Question box. If your Score is higher than the previous Best, the latter is updated.


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